Halloween Party Ideas

The picture from Pinterest

Are you having a Halloween party this year?  If so, you might need some of the following:

•    Spooky decorations, interior and exterior!  Look on Pinterest for great ideas.  I made this snake wreath last year.  (The challenge was getting the paint to stick to the snakes!)
•    A costume for yourself and your family members
•    Candy for trick-or-treaters.  I prepare 50 treat bags for my neighborhood.  This year they are getting 3 mini Mars candy bars, 6 pieces of gum, 3 Laffy Taffys and 2 Charms Blow Pops.  Yes, I bought my candy from Sam’s because Halloween candy is stupid expensive.  I will also add some toys.  Rings or pencils or glow sticks…

My wreath. Ha!

•    Some Jack-o-Lanterns.
•    Some yard decorations like fake tombstones or bats to hang from your porch.  Fake cobwebs, body parts, glowing eyes in your shrubs made with glow sticks and toilet paper tubes with eye cutouts. Hanging ghosts, Walking Dead torso and fog machine.  A whole spook house extravaganza.  It’s up to you.
•    A great punch recipe (anything red that looks like blood will work).   Eyeball ices cubes are fun.  Some scary finger foods and desserts that look like severed fingers, eyeballs, etc.
•    If you’ll have kids at this party, you may want to have some party games for them.
•    If this is mainly an adult party, you might want to look for some Halloween-themed liquor or mixed drink recipes.  Perhaps run a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon.
•    Spooky Halloween music!  Create a play list of popular songs like “The Monster Mash” or the Ghostbusters theme.

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